A response

My friend over at Bull-headed follower of a Bull God wrote an entry about how they wish paganism showed the little things we all do to show devotion and not just the flowery worded prayers and actions. Well JoyousMadness you are getting your response as a post to my blog. I chose to respond to them

Conspicuous Consumption

When who you are is thoroughly caught up with what you own- with the things you display on your body or in your home- conspicuous consumption becomes central to the cultivation of a self and to structures of social value and distinction. -Gay Hawkins Our society is focused on stuff. A disposable society where buying

Starling named Howard

At the end of June a baby starling fell from its nest not too far from my home. My neighbour Laura, a local animal activist found him. Her original thought “aww poor thing” then it was “wait it looks too alive” and gently poked him, he started flailing. She picked him up and brought him

Dawn becomes Day

With the light she does awaken us, Red horses draw her near, From the east she rides into our lives, Darkness hides in fear, Uṣas, the dawn, the bringer of day, You who draw Agni near, Light our lives, our hearts, our minds And turn the darkest nights to day.

Muse’s return

From out of the darkness, From out of the shadows, From out of the pain, She returns I have noticed something, about myself, about my muse. She does not like to deal with me unless my body can handle the influx of ideas, of yearnings. When my vitamin D is at it’s highest, She is