Starling named Howard

At the end of June a baby starling fell from its nest not too far from my home. My neighbour Laura, a local animal activist found him.

Her original thought “aww poor thing” then it was “wait it looks too alive” and gently poked him, he started flailing. She picked him up and brought him home and kept him overnight. The next morning a call went out on facebook to her local animal people to take this little one to a local animal sanctuary so he would actually have a shot at life. The call, although she forgot to tag me, came up in my newsfeed. I responded and within 20 min I had Howard’s bucket in my car on the way to the shelter.

The little peeps that came out of him for the hour ride were adorable. I chose not to have the AC or the radio on to ensure I didn’t chill him and that I could listen for if he was having any issues. The drive was very pretty, though I wasn’t fully paying attention to my surroundings, it was more, cars on the road, watching for animals to run onto the road, and is the bird still peeping. The drive back, a little less stressful.

However, when I was up at the animal sanctuary, after Howard had been checked in, as I was getting ready to leave, 3 crows swooped in around me. Two landed on my car, and one up in the tree I was parked under. The one on the trunk cawing away at me. So of course, it being me, I was standing there having a conversation with it. The girl tried to shoo the crow off my car, however that only partially worked to get me on the road, as the crow then decided that my shoulder was a good place to sit and caw at me. Did you know a crow cawing on your shoulder is very loud in your ear?

Once I got the crow off of my shoulder, and they allowed me to try to leave, I had to then make sure I didn’t hit the sanctuary’s dog. The poor little thing is deaf, very cute, but deaf. One of the other ladies came and got him away from my car. And then: the crow landed on my other arm! Silly crow.

So another conversation was had. This time me telling it I had to go feed my crows so it had to get off my arm. Once I did that off it flew, into the tree, and let me leave.

I didn’t lie to the crow, I fed mine as soon as I got home.

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Into the Rabbit Hole

Vesta and I had had another day planned, to see if I could take more (she read my last trance post and agreed) it just happened to coincide with other trance work I had planned on doing.

However I didn’t follow the one rule of trancework: turn off the damn phone!

So as I was dropping, the phone rang. I turned off the ringer, giggled with Vesta since the phone had startled her and then we went back to it. The next needle sunk me down farther than I had been when the phone rang.

I walked around, down through tunnels that looked like over passes and car tunnels covered in graffiti.

At some point while walking I knew my physical body was as far as it wanted to go and I popped out just enough to ask Vesta to let me float where I was. I dropped back down easily.

As I walked a melancholy tune played. I’m not sure what exactly it was though. My ever present guide by my side, hand in mine as the keys to my trance were in my other.

We finally approached a door and I brought out the key that I was using for this endeavour and unlocked the door. My guide smiled and disappeared into the room. When I walked in, the place, it was our place, mine and his. Our room his room, the rest of the house set up similar to my own but with a touch of being Bilbo Baggins’s home.

Herbs drying at the windows, a roaring fire in the hearth, bookshelves everywhere, guitars on the walls between shelves, sheets of music strewn across tables. It was truly our home. I had yet to find where he and I could just be, where now that he could speak to me once more that we could sit and chat and have him relay all the knowledge he had of the other world. Have him relay the knowledge he’s been wanting to relay for so many years when he could not speak to me.

He kissed me and then I was back. No flowery return, no nothing of the sort. My guide’s normal “go get back in your body you’ve been here long enough” shove.

I asked Vesta to remove the needles.

I had taken 8 more than last time. I have been taking these in buttons vs straight across so the middle gets a little more sensitive than if they are all going one way. I kinda like it like that though.

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As the rain falls

Rain falls
Hydrates the ground
feeds the plants
quenches thirsts

Animals bathe
in the drops as they fall
in the puddles and streams
while the drops they do fall

thirsts are quenched
plants are fed
the ground is hydrated
As the rain falls

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Dawn becomes Day

With the light she does awaken us,
Red horses draw her near,
From the east she rides into our lives,
Darkness hides in fear,
Uṣas, the dawn, the bringer of day,
You who draw Agni near,
Light our lives, our hearts, our minds
And turn the darkest nights to day.

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Muse’s return

From out of the darkness,
From out of the shadows,
From out of the pain,
She returns

I have noticed something, about myself, about my muse. She does not like to deal with me unless my body can handle the influx of ideas, of yearnings. When my vitamin D is at it’s highest, She is at her loudest. I don’t know the name for the She, it is just She.

She fuels the ideas within my brain. Never shutting it off for a moment. Always thinking at the speed of light. Slowing only to let me write it down. Each piece is given. A spark, a flame. I choose what is fueled or allowed to burn out.

Lately, however, Her ideas have been awesome. Workshops and classes, and things to be done. She is pushing me somewhere. Where I don’t know. However I’m liking it so far, may it continue on.

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Bright Flame

A spark in the east, A blaze of flame.
Agni great Agni, be the messenger this day.
Bring these offerings to the great gods this day.
Agni great Agni, the spark of the flame.

A spark in the south, A blaze of flame.
Agni great Agni, be the messenger this day.
Bring these offerings to the ancestors for us this day.
Agni great Agni, the spark of the flame.

A spark in the west, A blaze of flame.
Agni great Agni, watch over us this day.
Bless our food as it cooks over your body this day.
Agni great Agni, the spark of the flame.

A spark of fire, A blaze of flame.
Agni great Agni, we worship you this day.
The three fires lit, they are your body this day.
Agni great Agni, the spark of the flame.

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A Sonnet to the Gods

Deities, Ancient spirits, gods of old,
Warriors, healers, poets, magicians,
Ancient wearers of shining stones and gold,
The spirits who can now give us visions.

Our lives you’ve watched over with love and care,
You can teach your lessons through pain and strife,
Making sure they are not too much to bare,
Ensuring that they do not take a life.

Your tales are told from person to person,
Of years gone by and battles that you’ve won,
Devotees know all different versions,
Revealing that you are not truly gone.

You are in otherworlds we look into,
Deities, Ancient Ones, we welcome you!

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