Not understanding society.

There are many sections of society I don’t understand. A lot of these I went from being a part of to not understanding why I was doing it and just stopping all together. If I listed them all many of you would be shocked at the things I no longer just “get” like we are all supposed to. Some of the big ones though include:

  • caring about celebrities like you know them
  • caring what other people think of us/what we wear/how we act etc
  • most music and TV
  • gendered pronouns/gender separation for non-medical things

Caring about celebrities like you know them: this is a big one. I don’t understand how people know all the celebrity names, their birth dates, their family history. But they don’t know their neighbour. People care about the lives of celebrities like they are their best friend and don’t even know the person they call their best friend as well as they know all this trivia.
I truly don’t see the point.

Caring what other people think of us/what we wear/how we act etc: this is a huge one for me. My friend summarized it as “You don’t get the superficial media creating stuff….because it is all not real!!” I don’t get wearing a certain clothing brand, I don’t get wearing the shiniest thing. Hell, I don’t understand brushing your hair just to look nice for other people. My mother always says “you should look nice for yourself.” Why? what’s the point of it? In ancient times I get it, it was easier to keep lice in check with tamed hair. Now, now it is purely aesthetics, which I don’t understand. Why do so many people care what the others think? Why don’t they act the way they want? Why are some people labeled childish for liking colour and actually having a good time? I don’t understand it.

This last one is a large thing at pagan rituals I have found. Everyone has to have the nicest robe or the prettiest stole. Personally, when I do ritual work, I prefer to be as comfy as possible, so for me that means skirts. Since I’m normally an officiant, or if I am doing readings I will wear a bra but comfort is key otherwise how do you get the energy to flow if it is getting stuck in one part of your body that is itchy or uncomfortable.

Most music and TV: My choices for tv is the news, after the news it can be turned off for the day till the next round of news. I used to watch shows like Criminal Minds, and NCIS but began to just hear them as noise. Why do we not go listen to nature, listen to the silence any more? why is there noise 24/7? we don’t even recognize the noises any more.

To that point many people cannot discern a bird by its call. Nor can they tell the difference between the trees other than by leaf shape. I would love to go back to a time where everyone was outside, living off the land, and actually knowing the land again, it’s noisy enough out there you just have to listen for it.

Gendered pronouns/Gender separation for things that are non-medical: This drives me bonkers. Why do we have to distinguish between people. I understand for medical forms where genetics may play a role in certain issues (prostate cancer vs ovarian cancer for example) but for general every day conversation they do not need to be segregated. We have perfectly good general terms of they, their, and theirs, works for everyone! Now, this does not mean I will not respect my friend’s choices of which pronoun to use, I will honour my friends to the ends of the earth. However, I don’t understand why they have been segregated in the first place. We are all just children of the Earth Mother, residing with the Spirits of Nature upon her. Why do we have to delineate ourselves and make groups within our species?

All in all, I don’t really understand much of society any more. Can I just win the lottery and go buy a farm?

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Divisions of the Cosmos within ADF

There are a few different ways the cosmos can be divided, each one is dependant upon the hearth culture you are working in.

The one seen most frequently in ADF ritual is Underworld, Mid-world, and Heavens. This viewpoint is very western Indo-European and is frequently seen in the Hellenic hearth culture. Although it is also seen in the make up of the nine worlds of the Norse. Another way to see the cosmic make up is Terrestrial, Atmospheric, and Celestial. This is the viewpoint of the Vedics. In this cosmic layout there is no underworld and the ancestors reside with the Celestial beings in that realm. The third cosmic layout that Dangler mentions in Nine Central Tenets of Druidic ritual is that of Land, Sea, and Sky. This is the layout which I am most familiar with as this is the more Celtic focused of the three cosmic layouts. This one, while not a vertical axis like the others is a horizontal axis dividing what the first one denotes as the Mid-world. Dangler states “this triplicity is clearly a cosmic division” and due to it’s triplicity I would have to agree.

The simple why are they broken up this way is easy: because our ancestors broke them up that way. Was it something they saw in how the people in their area lived? Is it just the differences in the myths that give us the different structures? We may truly never know what we do know is that the triplicity is key.

I see many ADF druids working a combination of these cosmos. They will have the center of fire, well, and tree, correlating to sky, sea, and land, which will also correlate to heavens, underworld, mid-world with each group corresponding to the last working a triplicate cosmos with their tiplicity of cosmos. This would give more of a centre such as the Zuni had in their villages and would actually show the centre more easily. As Elliade indicated “religion itself is an orienting force, one that gives us a focal point from which to make sense of the world. When we are in a profane state, one that is not sacred, we have no point of reference.” (Dangler)By the centres giving us that state of reference we are able to breach that state and enter another.


Dangler, Michael J. “Nine Central Tenets of Druidic Ritual.” Ár NDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship. N.p., n.d. Web. 23 Oct. 2014. <;.

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Weeks of the Ancestors – they begin…

I’ve been looking to add things to my weeks of the ancestors. Things I’d never thought of from different cultures, things I just never thought of. So to do this I’ve been asking some friends about things I should add.

One of them said telling stories of my ancestors.

The thing is a) I have no one to tell the stories to b) my family doesn’t like to talk much about things the others have done. A lot of them don’t understand the remembering the dead thing. As my mother has said “they are dead, so what?”. Because of where a lot of my family is buried I cannot go to their graves, my one grand parent in ottawa, 2 others in Chapleau, and the last is still alive. My great uncle that I knew is up in Thunder Bay, as you see there is a lot of distance that my family has traveled over time. As I get the chance to visit these areas I do go check on the graves, ensure there is nothing wrong and no damage has been done, it’s the best I can do.

However I went to see my Grandma on a visit, I hadn’t seen her in a while and I was missing her birthday dinner, so since it was her birthday visit I chose not to dwell on the past for her. When I was about to leave, while she was indisposed I was looking at the pictures around her room and saw one of her brother Armond. I have been working on a calendar of birth and death dates to bring my worship through the rest of the year and found the one of him. It had his birthday and date he joined the ancestors. Feb 25th and Feb 9th respectively. Apparently that was the information I was supposed to go find!

So he has now been added and things slowly evolve as I look for a better time than a week after my Grandma’s birthday to ask her more questions.

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Slowly getting into a routine

The ADF clergy path requires certain things of it’s members who have had the call. 

One of these things that is required is that the dedicant do weekly retreat days where there is a morning prayer, a nightly prayer, meal prayers and a full hearth ritual. I am slowly getting into practice to try to do some of these things daily. 

My hope is to get into the practice to do a morning and nightly prayer as well as the meal prayers daily (that way I can’t forget to do them weekly) as well as a hearth ritual on tuesdays and thursdays. 

I’m currently finding things difficult because my altar and room are a MESS!!! We re-arranged my room and things that went with the altar just kinda got shoved there vs finding another place for them. So my altar has been non-functional for a little bit. My chair that I use at it has been piled high with things so I cannot sit at it and, well, this situation is just not working for me. As my pain levels lighten up I want to be able to get into these routines and actually have my spirituality in my life vs just being a doing pagan. Even then I haven’t been doing much lately because of the pain. 

I want to take flowers to the cemetery again. I want to take a walk through the chickadee trail and heber down now that I can actually walk for about 20 min or so without wanting to die. 

All these things I will do, Soon!!!

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Why Druidry?

This is the first in a series of 30 prompts called “30 days of Druidry” please see the other posts under this tag for more.

Three years ago I wrote for this very prompt:

how do you explain the feel of the wind against your face, or the smell of a lover’s embrace? How do you describe a feeling, or emotion? This question is similar to both of those things.

Druidry is a connecting force, between me and those who I hold dearest. It is the study I have undertaken in order to prove myself to the deities of the past, and the spirits of the now. It is a feeling of conectedness to the world around me that started out as a feeling of “this feels right, and this makes sense”.

At that time I didn’t think I would have the study or experience behind me that I do now.

For the times now, druidry is life. Even when the devotions are quiet, and the spirits don’t speak much, druidry is still life. It is still a connecting force, but it is that force between me and the kindred. Where even if I do not do formal ritual the little things I do in my daily life still show them I care. Show them that I still worship them but in a much different way.

Even with the pain I am much more a “show your devotion, not do your devotion” kind of pagan. I would rather go and give offerings at the cemetery than give them at my own altar. I would rather go with a grabby thing and pick up trash or feed the birds than give the nature spirits some flowery words and an offering into a bowl. The gods I talk to, even if it’s not in ritual I tend to speak to them to ensure to them I haven’t forgotten them. My memories of the times we’ve had in the otherworld and the strengths they give me now are not forgotten.

I find that the show your devotion, not do your devotion kind of paganism works well with druidry because of this. This is one of the reasons why druidry. The other, IT MAKES SENSE!

Druidry is polytheistic, as am I. Each deity is a much different personality than another. Sometimes over time people have made correlations between certain pantheons where one deity is similar or the same as others however to me that is UPG and my UPG is that they are all different.

Druidry worships all three kindred, as I do, as I have always wanted to do. A lot of wiccan circles do not fit right with who I am. They do not recognize those spirits in the world around us. The spirits of the forest and of the sea. The spirits of those family members who still come to take care of us. This to me is not right. Once again, my own thoughts here, but you need to worship all of the types of beings on the Earth not just the deities. The others deserve our love and worship too.

Druidry is an Earth based religion and worships the Earth Mother. This Earth Mother concept is rooted down into my being. It is rooted in my upbringing with my recycling and love of nature. It is a proper thing to be a hippie while being a pagan, even if you are decades late in your hippiness!

So that is why druidry, it fits me like a glove. One that I never want to take off.

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30 days of Druidry

Again I’m going to try to do this, lets see how I do with getting up this early and having peaceful time to work on it. Maybe writing will be my worship.

Why Druidry? (This is the new version)
Foundations: Cosmology
Foundations: Nature and Earth
Foundations: The Three Realms
Foundations: The Elements
Foundations: Altar, Grove and Nemeton
Foundations: Day-to-Day Practice
Relationships: Gods/Deities and Spirit [sneak peek]
Relationships: The Ancestors
Relationships: Spirits of the Land
Relationships: Ritual and Worship
Relationships: The Fire Festivals
Relationships: The Solar Festivals
Relationships: Rites of Passage
Inspirations: Awen and Creativity
Inspirations: Prayer and Meditation
Inspirations: Storytelling and Myth
Inspirations: Music, Poetry and Aesthetics
Inspirations: Ethics, Virtues and Values
Inspirations: Divination and Magic
Inspirations: Mysticism and Philosophy
Everyday Life: Druidry and Family Life
Everyday Life: Druidry and Romance
Everyday Life: Druidry and Work/Career
Everyday Life: Conservation and Environmentalism
Everyday Life: Druidry and Community
Everyday Life: Peace and Social Justice
Everyday Life: A Life in the Day of a Druid
The Future of Druidry
Advice to the Seeker

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Rising in the Dark

I rise up each day,
the light not yet present.
The sun has not yet graced us with it’s presence.

The darkness permeates,
the world around.
And yet the animals still happily run around.

The bunnies hop,
Around the lawns
In the darkness barely seen by man.

The birds awake,
With the rising sun.
Chirping wildly as it breaks ground.

The sun comes up,
Slowly there’s light.
Daybreaks into a greatly wonderful sound.

I rise up each day,
within the dark.
To a new and most different world.

A quiet serenity,
a peaceful place.
A place before the sound wakes up.

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