What do I even PUT on an Ancestor Shrine

 I spoke last about having more space for work etc but never denoted what that space is, it is my Ancestor Shrine which is worked into my main working altar. This is a space I have devoted to the items that remind me of those on that list. I can totally hear you asking: But… Continue reading What do I even PUT on an Ancestor Shrine

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Why Ancestor Veneration?

In modern society, we have removed the religious significance of those who have died. Those that in days gone by would have protected the families from their new home on “the other side” ensuring their happiness and wealth. The closest that our current society has to this idea is the Christian idea of the “Guardian… Continue reading Why Ancestor Veneration?

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Divination – and why I offer my services

Being a disabled pagan who doesn’t deal with “Love and Light” isn’t easy. Many times those who pull that line, blame my health problems on my choice of working with the dead, or The Morrigan or being a realist, or any number of other things that aren’t pure positivity. I find however, that sometimes, the… Continue reading Divination – and why I offer my services